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  • Shipman King is proud to manufacture a large percentage of its range of Service Station Equipment here in Australia using local specialised companies such as foundries, machine shops, steel fabricators and rotational plastic moulders just to name a few.

  • Shipman King has stocked and distributed the Durapipe PLX polyethylene pipe and fitting system for over 20 years. Used in a variety of industries including service station forecourts, telecommunications, mining and defence, the Durapipe PLX piping system can be used wherever fuel needs to be conveyed.

  • Shipman King supplies a large range of equipment for the aboveground tank market. Working in partnership with one of the world’s leading AST equipment manufacturers, Shipman King is able to supply high quality, innovative, and well-engineered equipment to support all industries where bulk storage is required.

  • Shipman King markets and stocks a range of hand pumps and industrial equipment for the Australian market.


The Shipman King name has a long history in the petroleum industry having been established in 1923 to supply equipment to the service station forecourt market. Over the years Shipman King has continued to expand its product range and has now diversified into many industries outside our traditional service station forecourt market. Shipman King now supplies equipment that is used to handle petroleum and chemical fluids in industries such as Telecommunications, Construction, Defence, Mining & Gen Set.

Latest News from Shipman King

Stage 2 Vapour Recovery Venting

Stage 2 Vapour Recovery Venting

With the advent of Stage 2 Vapour Recovery into our industry, we have come up with a range of products to make the Stage 1 and 2 venting process Simple, Compliant and Safe.

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Durapipe PLX pipes

Durapipe PLX pipes

Durapipe PLX is an above and below ground product range created to fulfil the application needs of various fuel applications. Consisting of both, a single wall and a secondary pipe and fittings range, PLX is specifically designed for the safe transfer of all fuel-based liquids.

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What is Midas?

What is Midas?

Misfuel Identification & Avoidance System - A system that is fitted to the above or below ground filling points on each bulk fuel storage tank at petrol filling stations. The unit comprises of a valve with intelligent control that can discriminate between petrol and diesel grades of fuel.

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Featured Product

LED lighting system for fuel canopies

Shipman King's Sloan LED Progressive Canopy Light fixture is specifically designed for Service Station forecourts. This slim looking fixture is easy to install or retrofit, produces good power consumption savings and has a life rating of 90,000-100,000 hours. This all adds up to money savings on power bills and maintenance costs.

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