OHS Policy Statement


To improve and maintain the standard of occupational health and safety within Shipman King Pty Ltd, and to ensure the development of occupational health and safety policy is considered a joint venture between both management and the employees.


To improve safety performance within the company and gain compliance with all relevant occupational health and safety legislation.

Policy Statement

The management of Shipman King Pty Ltd is committed to providing a workplace that is safe and healthy, for all who come within our workplace.

Shipman King Pty Ltd recognizes that our people are our most valuable asset and as such we strive to provide them with a safe and productive environment.

In the unfortunate circumstances that one of our employees is injured, we will facilitate their return to work at the earliest possible time.


Shipman King Pty Ltd will achieve the purpose and aim of our policy by:

  1. Working together with all relevant employees and key stakeholders in occupational health and safety matters.
  2. Planning, implementing and maintaining an effective occupational health and safety system that takes into account all relevant occupational health and safety legislation.
  3. Establishing safety rules, policies and procedures which all employees, contractors and visitors will be required to adhere to.
  4. Investigating promptly any accident or near accident in order to undertake corrective actions as soon as possible. At all times, action will be taken immediately to correct any unsafe condition which arises.
  5. Ensuring all levels of our company actively participate in occupational health and safety issues, including training and compliance with our occupational health and safety program.

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