Aboveground Storage Tank Equipment

Overfill prevention valves are designed to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut off during a pressurised fill. Shipman King stocks a range of overfill valves to suit the different size tanks on today’s market, from gen set low profile tanks to large bulk tanks.

Emergency vents provide high capacity pressure relief if the tank is exposed to fire. When the internal tank pressure reaches the opening pressure of the vent, the weighted cover moves up on the centre pin allowing air to escape. When the internal tank pressure falls, the cover automatically lowers back onto the body and is automatically reset. These vents come in a variety of sizes and tank connections.

Other common equipment used on aboveground storage tanks include anti-syphon valves, pressure vacuum vents, gauges and alarms, spring loaded ball valves, fire valves and pressure relief valves.

Our comprehensive range of equipment allows Shipman King to be your one stop shop for all your Aboveground Storage Tank equipment requirements.

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